Mushroom Mod

Mushroom Mod: A Half-Life Sven Coop Addon

Mushroom Mod is a metamod plug-in for Sven Coop inspired by AKCoop for Unreal Tournament and NeoTF for Team Fortress Classic. This website serves as a guide to the plug-in's features as well as a troubleshooting and installation manual.

Download Mushroom Mod

The current public version of Mushroom Mod is 1.2.4. If you are using the ES Group evaluation version it may be in your interest to download the newest, non-beta version 1.2.

We've been given feedback that the necromancer has been giving some server configurations problems. In those that do we recommend disabling or avoiding that feature until it is addressed in a patch. Also some remote server confugrations may not read map files without adjusting permissions.

In these early public releases, while we have gone through extensive testing in multiple types of servers, we don't expect the plug-in's behaviour to be flawless. Because of this we encourage you to send any bug reports or feedback to

Mushroom Mod was created by Xoleras. The health dispenser and teslacoil sentry were created by BillDoor. Models were created by dreamforge and others. Thanks to Botman for stripper2 code.

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